Welch is a leading pump manufacturer of high-quality, durable vacuum products. Our extensive portfolio includes diaphragm pumps, rotary vane pumps, piston pumps and turbomolecular pumps and systems, in addition to a wide range of accessories.

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2546C-10 WOB-L® piston pumps

WOB-L® 2546 dry piston pumps are a reliable partners for physical applications, notably with aqueous solutions. Being a vacuum pump and compressor, they can be used for a wide variety of applications such as filtration, gas sampling, vacuum drying, desiccation and automation technology. The integrated vacuum and pressure gauges and regulators allow the pressure to be continuously monitored and adjusted. The pump is protected by an inlet liquid trap with automatic flow stop. For use with dry or aqueous vapor applications only.

2515C-75 WOB-L System

Convenient high-flow system collects waste into 1.2 Liter autoclaveable collection receiver. Includes vacuum measurement and regulation. Reservoir protected from overflow by float valve; inlet line hydrophobic filter further protects pump. Vacuum Pump is reliable WOB-L piston pump, perfect for aqueous vapors, buffer and mild bleach solutions - all wetted parts corrosion protected from moisture. Not for use with organic solvents / acids / bases.

MPC601E Laboratory Vacuum Systems

The MPC chemical duty diaphragm pumps use PTFE and other fluorinated plastics for the wetted parts to allow aggressive solvent and acid vapors to be pumped. If the pump should handle harsh chemical vapors, then the superior chemical resistant X2 version with higher grade seals and thicker coatings are the best choice. The diaphragm series from Welch is well known for their quiet operation and outstanding running smoothness. This is a result of continuous product improvements and close relationships with our customers. With their low weight and compact design, users can easily move pumps to different locations for use on different applications.

LVS 210 T – EF Laboratory Vacuum Systems

The Laboratory-Vacuum-System LVS 210 T ef has been specifically designed to meet requirements of rotary evaporators. It supplies precise controlled, analytically pure vacuum. The chemically resistant diaphragm pump MPC 201 T provides an oil-free, dry and thus analytically pure vacuum to an ultimate pressure of < 2 mbar. The Ecoflex control continuously adjusts the pumping speed to match the vapour load of the process and allows the pump to exhibit single point control which reduces bumping and foaming whilst achieving increased evaporation rates.

2025 WELCH Self-Cleaning Vacuum System

Complete oil-free dry vacuum systems for rotary evaporators and concentrators. Corrosion-resistant PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump systems enable superior control and efficiency for each evaporation. Provides controlled solvent stripping in flasks up to 5 L. Use 9 torr Model 2025 for solvents with atmospheric B.P. < 120o C. Includes analog gauge and vacuum regulation. Inlet and exhaust separators protect pump and lab atmosphere.

2045 DryFast Ultra Diaphragm Pump

Welch DryFastTM PTFE Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps enable precise vacuum control for organic evaporations with exclusive Advanced Vapor Management (AVM). Oil-Free, portable, chemical resistant, 2 head diaphragm design simplifies maintenance. Choose from seven dry PTFE vacuum pump models with flows up to 70 L / min and adjustable vacuum down to 2 Torr. Economical DryFastTM vacuum pumps are perfect for tough lab applications.

CRVpro 6 Rotary Vane Pump & Systems

The robust vacuum pump CRVpro 2 belongs to the new high-performance two-stage rotary vane pumps generation of Welch. The pump impresses with its long service life, absolute reliability and its low maintenance requirements. This has been enabled thanks to 3 major innovations:
- Its low running temperature, which slows down potential corrosion processes and reduces the oil consumption.
- Its large oil reservoir ensures a low chemical concentration, which contributes to the prolongation of the oil exchange intervals.
- Its special inside coating increases the chemical resistance of the pump.

1417 Exhaust Filter and 1417L Replacement Element

Product Details
-Filters oil must from pump exhaust
-Easy replacement of element
-Reduces pump noise
-Filters to 0.3 micron particle size
-See table below for sizes, connections, and Welch Pump compatibility

1402N Chemstar

Welch’s belt-driven vacuum pumps are available with an ultimate pressure of 1x10-4 mbar with a comprehensive pumping speed ranging between 1.3 m³/h and 15 m³/h.

8995G-11 vacuum oil

Use Welch vacuum pump oils to reduce oil change cycles and maximize performance. To cover the whole range of vacuum applications Welch offers several types of oil with different specifications.

1525C-02 vacuum gauges

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